Tree Pruning Central Coast and Newcastle

EnviroPro Tree Solutions have qualified Arborists that can best determine the type of pruning required for your trees. Improving the health, appearance and safety risks of your trees.

The removal of dead/dying, diseased and dangerous branches or limbs is crucial to ensure the safety of you and your belongings.

The selective removal of tree branches or limbs can improve the trees structure and increase light penetration throughout the canopy. Also removing the right branches can help with airflow throughout, reducing the risk of tree failure and damage to your property in those heavy winds.

The kind of pruning we offer is professional and to Australian Standard, these include:

  • Dead wood removal
  • Weight reduction
  • Canopy raising
  • Height reduction
  • Selective branch removal
  • Shaping the canopy (To create even balance)
  • Canopy thinning
  • Diseased branch removal
  • Pollarding (not suitable for all tree types)


For all your tree pruning needs on the Central Coast contact EnviroPro Tree Solutions